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COVID-19 Guidance for School and Specialist Transport Providers

COVID-19 Guidance for School and Specialist Transport Providers

Version 1

Warwickshire County Council would like to update you on the current national and local picture with regard to COVID-19, and offer some local advice to support the actions that you are taking to protect the people you transport and your staff, as the situation evolves.

The key message from WCC is that if one of your passengers presents with the symptoms listed below, they should not be transported. If one of their household had the symptoms they should not be transported either.

The staff on the route should inform the family that this is the case, then report this to their managers and WCC Transport Operations.


Key information about the national and local picture with links to key guidance and resources can be found here (this is updated regularly). Public Health England and our local NHS organisations are focusing on identifying close contacts of cases, and ensuring that they self-isolate, as a precautionary measure, and that they are tested if they become unwell.

The majority of people who become unwell with COVID (~85%) have a mild illness, but we know that older people and those with long term conditions are more at risk of serious illness.

Guidance and information for the public can be found here (including information for people to understand what they should do if they are concerned they may have COVID-19:


National Guidance

There are a range of national guidance documents that can be found here to support you in managing staff and supporting customers.:

Of importance to transport providers are the following documents:


Promote regular handwashing with soap and water among both staff and service users – this is one of the best ways to protect yourselves and the people you transport. If soap and water aren’t available, then antibacterial hand gel (with at least 70% alcohol content) is an alternative if hands are visibly clean. Otherwise hand wipes should be used, followed by antibacterial hand gel.

Promote the cleaning of surfaces, handles and seats in the vehicle with anti-bacterial products.


We hope that the above is helpful, and we will endeavour to keep you updated, as the situation evolves.