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Drumming Therapy Sessions

Drumming Therapy Sessions  


The drum therapy sessions at Welcombe Hills are designed to give pupils an opportunity to express themselves through playing the drums. The sessions encourage pupils to push the boundaries and explore. Drumming allows pupils to express emotions, feelings and boosts self-esteem and confidence. Professional Drum Educator, Marty Fullard brings to the drum set over 35 years of drumming teaching experience having coached and mentored thousands of drummers. Marty first became aware of the positive and therapeutic side of drumming in 1999 when he created the Inner City Music Program in Compton, California. 


At Welcombe Hills, pupils with a wide range of differing needs benefit from this experience. Marty says “the main focus of what I do is that the ‘drummer’ leaves one of my sessions having had a positive and uplifting experience. Case in point, he/she feels encouraged, built up and ultimately proud of themselves. Drums are an awesome instrument that enables communication giving a voice to those who, perhaps at times, feel unheard.”