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"Working together to do our best"

Engagement for Life Booklet

Engagement For Life

2022 -2023

“Working together to do our best”

Department Aims:

  • To develop communication, cognition and motor-based skills through engaging and stimulating multi- sensory activities.
  • To extend engagement in play and sensory learning - pupils learn through interaction with others and with their surroundings
  • To enable pupils to become as independent as possible in their self care skills.
  • To incorporate therapies into our everyday routines and activities, including working on Physiotherapy and Speech and Language targets, and following sensory diets.


Learning Breadth:

  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Technologies
  • Thinking/ Cognitive Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Personal and Social Skills


Curriculum Overview for Engagement for life Pupils

  • Classes follow the topic from the long term plan from the Key Stage they are linked to. Multi-sensory activities are then planned from this, using the termly theme as a basis for exploration and play through the six areas of the curriculum.
  • As an example, during Summer Term 2 Orange class would follow the theme of ‘’Travel and Journeys’. Activities might include making sound effects linked to the topic (Cognition and Thinking Skills), choosing travel themed toys (Communication Skills), and using switches to operate a projector with images of holiday desinations (Technology Skills).


 Autumn 1

 Autumn 2

 Spring 1

 Spring 2

 Summer 1

 Summer 2



Amazing Creatures

Celebrations from Different Cultures

Imagine – Inventors and Artists

The UK – Cities and Countryside

At the Seaside

Travel and Journeys


Black History

Celebrations and Festivals

Stratford-upon-Avon  (Local Study)

Measly Middle Ages

Arctic Regions

Health for Life


‘Who am I?’


Biographies, autobiographies

Celebrations and Event Planning

‘Good Housekeeping’


Magazines and estate agents



‘Charities and Helping others’


Sensory Interventions:

Within Engagement for Life our curriculum is based on play and sensory learning. Pupils often start their day with a ‘Sensology’ session, working through each of their senses in turn. We work alongside other professionals including Vision and Hearing Support and sensory Occupational Therapists to find ways of developing the senses for each pupil to maximise their learning and independence.


Communication Interventions:

All students are immersed in a Total Communication Environment, with a combination of Makaton signs, Touch Cues, Sensory Cues, Objects of Reference and picture symbols being used, both to cue pupils in to an activity or event, and to enable the pupils to express themselves and make choices.

Forest School

In Engagement for Life pupils benefit from exploring the outdoor ‘Forest School’ environment. The activity supports the development of social skills, ‘orientation and mobility’ skills, and encourages purposeful exploration of the environment and objects around us, leading to early problem solving.


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

At Welcombe Hills we support the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils through a range of wellbeing activities. Special events from different cultures are explored and celebrated through sensory exploration.


Create for Life

  • Creative Arts enable our unique pupils to shine, where they are not being judged for their academic skills but where everyone has the ability to make a valuable contribution.
  • It provides a practical approach to learning and many pupils learn best when they are active participants and developing our students’ confidence and self-esteem.
  • We will provide a broad and enriching curriculum that is appropriate to pupils’ age, level of understanding and needs. 
  • We offer exciting opportunities and experiences for our students to work with a variety of Artists during their time at school.  
  • We aim to create an understanding and appreciation of the Arts that will last a life time.

Within Engagement for Life the Creative Arts team use sensory interactive stories to create a fun learning environment for our young people to explore, express a preference and be creative.

Interventions and Therapies


At Welcombe Hills we believe in a holistic and pupil centred approach to learning and offer a range of therapies and interventions. Interventions and therapies are allocated through a referral process. When a referral is made these are analysed and then an intervention is decided. Unfortunately, not all students will necessarily access a therapy or intervention.

Therapies we currently offer are;


  • Play Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Sensory Occupational Therapy
  • Drumming Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Careers Curriculum


At Welcombe Hills a key focus of our curriculum offer is to prepare students for their next steps in life.

The Day to Day



The school day starts: 8.55am

Lunch time: 12.00-1.00pm

The school day ends: 3.20pm


Lunch arrangements:

School dinners cost:  £2.85 per day


What do I need each day?

  • Coat
  • Wellington boots/ Forest School Kit (to stay in school)
  • Change of clothes
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Hydro kit (see individual timetables where appropriate)
  • Snack and water bottle / feeding equipment as required

What to Wear

School Uniform:

  • Navy (secondary) or green (primary) sweater or cardigan with (or without) school logo
  • Grey or black trousers or skirt (or grey/navy blue/ black joggers)
  • White or navy blue shirt/blouse/polo shirt
  • Blue and white checked summer dress
  • Sensible black shoes

 PE Kit:

  • Black or navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms 
  • White or navy blue t shirt 
  • Plimsolls (for indoor use) or trainers 
  • Spare pair of socks 

Swimming / hydrotherapy 

  • Swimming costume or trunks 
  • Towel 

Forest school

  • Waterproofs (waterproof overalls/ wheelchair covers can be provided) 
  • Wellies or walking boots 
  • Warm clothes including thick socks, hat, gloves etc. for the colder months
  • Sun hat for warmer months. 

At Welcombe Hills, we recognise that all of our pupils are individuals and should be treated as such. We realise that our pupils may not always have the same opportunity to experiment with make-up, nail varnish etc. with their peers outside of school. Therefore if your secondary age child wishes to experiment with hair colour, nail colour or make up we ask that you discuss this with us so we can work together on what is acceptable and appropriate.