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This organisation is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young adults and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.

Mini Enterprise

The Circle Of Life 


Green Group at Sixth form have formed a mini enterprize called "Circle of life", please see the below powerpoint.

We have several items for sale, photos and prices attached.

These items can be viewed at Sixth Form Hub. If you are interested in buying anything please contact Green Group.


Circle Of Life Items For Sale

Circle Of Life Items For Sale 1
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 2
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 3
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 4
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 5
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 6
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 7
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 8
Circle Of Life Items For Sale 9


Community Cafe

Community Cafe 

Every Wednesday morning we host a Community Cafe at the Welcombe Hills Sixth Form Hub. The Cafe has been a huge success with most of the customers returning every week. We change the menu every term so the community don't get bored of having the same food and drinks every week. We also collect data from the customers on what they would like on the menu and what they think we should change. This helps with our maths skills.

I enjoy the Cafe because it helps with my communication skills.



Cafe Opening

On Wednesday 4th October 2017 students from Green Group opened a Community Café at 16-19 Hub.


Students have been busy this term preparing for this grand opening, they have been shopping for crockery and cutlery, trying out recipes, researching local eating places, designing the logo, leaflets and posters, looking at job roles and responsibilities and applying for a position of their choice. Students would like to thank the Tesco Food Share Scheme which has helped set up this Mini Enterprise.


Customers were queuing outside before the opening at 9.00am. Judith, the Headteacher officially opened the Café by cutting the ribbon and the doors opened, letting customers flood in! Customers included our parents, teachers and pupils from the Main Site, Governors, local community and special guest the Mayor of Stratford.


We were kept busy all morning serving the customers. Jess, Receptionist said 'I kept looking into the Common Room to see what was going on, it all looked busy and everyone was enjoying themselves'. Jess also said that she overheard customers on their way out saying 'I'm glad we came, it was lovely'. Chelsea's parents attended and they said, 'Chelsea, we are very proud of what you and your class are doing, keep up the amazing work'. One customer said, 'I was very impressed with the Community Café this morning, the detail with the menu, plants on each table etc etc and all the students did really well, were very professional'.


Ian, the finance manager announced takings of £70.00, everyone was delighted. Customers were also very generous by leaving tips - these will be collected up weekly and donated to a charity each term.


All students were very tired but felt a great sense of achievement at the end of the event.

They hope next week will be as successful and look forward to seeing you all there.


Green Group, Sixth Form.