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Meet Our School Nurses

Sadie Kirby and Karen Dennis are the nurses based at Welcombe Hills School. The nurses are responsible for meeting the medical needs of the children throughout the school with the support of South Warwickshire Foundation Trust and senior management of the school.


Hello my name is Sadie Kirby. I have been a registered Paediatric Nurse since completing my degree in Paediatric Nursing in 1999. Before joining Welcombe Hills in 2008, I worked on the general surgical ward at Birmingham's Children's Hospital. I have a particular interest in nutritional care and training of staff. I currently work in school 3 days a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

Hello my name is Karen Dennis. I have been a registered general nurse since 2002, previously working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. I specialised in acute medicine, gaining experience in all aspects of nursing care. I am also a community first responder and undertake regular training for this. I joined Welcombe Hills School in 2009 and currently work in school 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).


We are here to provide medical support to the children as part of their normal activities in school. We plan, deliver and monitor health and nursing care to children with a wide range of needs, working together with classroom staff to encourage the child's independence where possible.


We are able to administer medication after a care plan has been completed by a parent or guardian (a doctor's signature is also required for some emergency medicines). Any medication brought into school must be signed over to a member of staff by a parent/guardian or transport escort. Please do not send it in your child's bag. You will need to fill in a care plan for any medication that needs to be given in school. Medicines that are needed 3 times a day (e.g. antibiotics) can usually be given at home - on waking, after school and at bedtime.


Please download and complete a medication/care plan form (see below) 


We are part of a team of first aiders, and also offer basic life support training to staff and parents. We provide training for classroom staff as needed for medication, enteral feeding etc.


We are able to offer general health advice and support and can make referrals as necessary to other healthcare professionals.


Please keep us informed of any changes to your child's health or medicines being taken.


Please do not send your child to school if they appear unwell, or have had any vomiting or diarrhoea within the last 48 hours.


Please ensure you check your child's hair regularly for head lice, and treat as needed. Please ask us if you would like some advice.


For further advice or information please call us at school on 01789 266845 or email

If your child takes regular medication in school, we will need written confirmation of any dose changes before we can administer the new dose in school. Please ask the doctor to fill in the Change of Medication form at the time of your appointment, and return to us at school as soon as possible. A medical letter, prescription or newly labelled medication would also be acceptable. The form can be printed out (see below) or ask for one at school.

Suncream advice!


We would like to kindly remind you to make sure that your child has a high factor sun cream (30 or above) applied BEFORE coming to school during sunny weather.


An all day sunscreen is recommended, as one application lasts throughout the school day.


Alternatively, please ensure any sun screen sent into school is clearly named. It can then be reapplied by your child / staff throughout the day as needed.


School staff will only be able to apply / assist to apply sun cream if you have sent a signed consent form back to school.


It is also important to send your child to school with a named sun hat, preferably with a wide brim and which covers the neck also, and sunglasses.


Please follow this link for advice: www.

Change of Medication Form

Useful Contacts:


Advice & support for brain related conditions,

including sleep advice. 0800 328 1159

Advice & support for families with disabled

children. 0808 808 3555


0845 070 4004 

 Celebal Palsy 

0808 800 3333 


0845 120 2960 


0808 808 3555 


0118 966 8271


01462 455016 


0845 370 8008 


0808 800 5050 


0808 808 3555 


0800 022 4332 

Paediatric Dentistry