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Welcombe Hills main site is reopening on 1st June with reduced numbers. The Hub is also reopening on Mondays and Tuesdays as of the 1st June. If you have any safeguarding concerns please ring 07920822005 or email


Careers at Welcombe Hills School 


Who can I speak to? 

Rachel Neale Head of Sixth Form and Careers Lead (Tel. 01789 266 845)

Mel Adams Independent Careers Advisor (Tel. 07841422206)

Natasha Payne MoveForward Progression Coach (Tel. 07483069480)

Ann-Marie Blackmore Work Experience Lead (Tel. 01789 266 845)

Prue Banks Home School Liaison (Tel. 01789 266 845)


Our aim is to help students identify and explore suitable options, including further education, course choices and careers. We aim to develop pupils’ employability skills and knowledge so they can gain confidence and make informed choices about their futures.


Pupils are able to access personalised guidance time with Mel, in which they discuss their future aspirations and research courses and careers together. Mel works 1:1 with pupils and within classes to help plan, offer guidance, advice and research pathways that suit aspirations and need. Mel also attends annual reviews to work with families on transition and plan ahead with parents and carers.


When working with individual pupils we take their needs, knowledge and skills into consideration and try to provide the best possible options to support them in gaining further confidence and experiences within the work place.