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This organisation is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young adults and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.

Green Group

Art Entry Level

I've been doing a splendid art course with Chloe and Jenny through the school year, every Friday. 

My first art work was doing research on a Belgian cartoonist, Morris the creator of Lucky Luke.  I've been doing a lot of research and more art work of Lucky Luke and not only that, I've been doing a portrait of Morris and myself. 

Then after I did Lucky Luke I moved on over to my next assignment, research on the American artist, Andy Warhol and his pop arts work.  Some of his famous art works are the Marilyn Diptych, Campbells Soup cans and green Coco-Cola bottles.  I was really impressed with his masterpeice, so I decided to do my own art work in his style by doing one of his art works, Marilyn Diptych with my face on it.  Also I've been doing a lot of reserach on facts about the swininging 60s.

I have really enjoyed this course.



Stratford College - Catering Course

A day at Stratford College consists of walking to college with Dan or Ursus but sometimes we get dropped off there depending on the weather or the time.

When we get there we sign in and walk through the Braz (cafe) to the Restaurant.  We will be put at the front of house or I might get put on the bar with the college students.  As the day goes on we greet the customers with the teacher, her name is Shelley, she is nice but strict in a good, efficient way.

Then we serve the customers at the bar and after that we lead them to their tables and after a short wait we serve them their starter followed by main course then dessert.

We have a break mid morning where we can go to the cafe.  

I enjoy college because it helps with my confidence,  I meet new people and it shows me the environment I would be in if I took a Catering Course at Stratford College



Child Care Entry Level

Every Friday morning I went over to the Main School to do Child Care as my Option.  I had to do three different units for the Entry Level.

I learnt quite a lot of new things on the first unit, Pregnancy.  Especially all the tests the doctors do for the mum to be.  

I had to design a costume for the nursery children to wear in the second unit.  I chose to do a unicorn costume because unicorns are in fashion at the moment and made it out of several different fabrics and textures so it was sensory.  I used a sewing machine to make up the costume.  The nursery children loved it.

The third unit I had to make my own baby food.  I had to also do a questionnaire for members of staff with young children to see if they make their own food or used branded baby food. The result was that the majority use branded baby food.  I chose my recipe, which was peach pudding.  Members of staff tested it for me and the results that it was very tasty and they would eat it themselves!

I enjoyed working on this Child Care qualification.


Community Cafe

Every Wednesday morning we host a Community Cafe at the Welcombe Hills Sixth Form Hub.  The Cafe has been a huge success with most of the customers returning every week.  We change the menu every term so the community don't get bored of having the same food and drinks every week.  We also collect data from the customers on what they would like on the menu and what they think we should change.  This helps with our maths skills.

I enjoy the Cafe because it helps with my communication skills.  


At work in the Cafe

At work in the Cafe 1

Pudsey Bear comes to the Community Cafe

Cool Community Cafe

On Wednesday 4th October 2017 students from Green Group opened a Community Café at 16-19 Hub. 


Students have been busy this term preparing for this grand opening, they have been shopping for crockery and cutlery, trying out recipes, researching local eating places, designing the logo, leaflets and posters, looking at job roles and responsibilities and applying for a position of their choice.  Students would like to thank the Tesco Food Share Scheme which has helped set up this Mini Enterprise.


Customers were queuing outside before the opening at 9.00am.  Judith, the Headteacher officially opened the Café by cutting the ribbon and the doors opened, letting customers flood in!  Customers included our parents, teachers and pupils from the Main Site, Governors, local community and special guest the Mayor of Stratford.


Students were kept busy all morning serving the customers.  Jess, Receptionist said 'I kept looking into the Common Room to see what was going on, it all looked busy and everyone was enjoying themselves'.  Jess also said that she overheard customers on their way out saying 'I'm glad we came, it was lovely'.  Chelsea's parents attended and they said, 'Chelsea, we are very proud of what you and your class are doing, keep up the amazing work'.   One customer said, 'I was very impressed with the Community Café this morning, the detail with the menu, plants on each table etc etc and all the students did really well, were very professional'.


Ian, the finance manager announced takings of £70.00, everyone was delighted.  Customers were also very generous by leaving tips - these will be collected up weekly and donated to a charity each term. 


All students were very tired but felt a great sense of achievement at the end of the event. 

They hope next week will be as successful and look forward to seeing you all there.


Green Group, Sixth Form.



The Guide Dog Trip


On Monday 20th March 2017 we had a trip to The Training School for Guide Dogs in Leamington.

When we arrived at the Centre we were given a talk about how much the training of a Guide dog costs.  Which is £50,000 per dog.  Next we helped to groom three dogs, first you have to check the eyes, ears and paws for any infections then ruffle the fur up before combing using a special comb.  We also had the opportunity to try on some special glasses to see how the partially sighted people see - Katie thought it was very hard to see clearly with a lot of the glasses.

We were then shown the kennels where the dogs are kept, we could not go into the kennel area because we would disturb the dogs.

We then had a tour around the site, we saw the play area where there was an obstacle course for the dogs, we went into the sensory tunnel which gave us an understanding of what it's like to be blind. 

Nicole said she had an amazing day learning about how important Guide Dogs are and how much they cost.

Katie took some advice that Tony,  a trainer, gave when walking dogs - not to put your hand in front but keep it by your side.  She has tried it with her own dogs and it is working with one dog but the others are finding it hard to do.

We hope to raise some money for the Guide Dogs later this year by perhaps making bone shaped biscuits or cakes.

All of Green Group had a fascinating and interesting morning.

By Dan, Ian, Katie, Megan and Nicole


Photos at the Guide Dog Training School

6th Form - Green Group Spring 2017


On Internet Safety Day, 7th February 2017 we held our Community Coffee Morning.  One of the guests showed us how to crochet and finger knit.  It was fun, some of us found it easy, others harder.

In return we showed them how students learn in schools using technology.  We showed them our class interactive SMART board, they were amazed!  We played a game of Kahoot about on-line safety with them.  Kahoot is an interactive quiz., which our guests enjoyed playing and learning.  We discussed that the two main groups that are vulnerable on the internet are the elderly and the young.  The elderly are vulnerable  from internet fraud and the young from cyberbullying.

By Green Group